Manufacturing Process
Raw Material

Raw Materials used for manufacture such as Ingots, Billets, Rounds & Bars are used from Top Manufacturers following excellent manufacturing practices in all grades of Carbon, Stainless & Alloy Steels.

We have a wide range of band-saws that are capable of cutting sections available 10 mm to 1000mm up to in all grades of Steels.

Closed Die Forging Facility
Our Closed Die Forging Plant shop is equipped with two pneumatic air hammers 2T and 5T and a Drop Forge Hammer of capacity 1.5MT which are capable of producing single piece forgings weighing up to 120 Kgs

Ring Rolling Plant
The facility is equipped with an Automated 3500T Hydraulic Blanking Press producing forged sec-tions including crane wheels, industrial wheels, sheave wheels, gear blanks, blocks and other prod-ucts. And a Radial Axial Ring Rolling Mill capable of forging Seamless rolled rings up to a diameter of 3500mm, a height of up to 750mm and a weight of up to 5 MT.
Electrical HEAT TREATMENT Facility

The Heat Treatment plant is equipped with fully automated state-of-the-art facility having a sophisti-cated system with advanced Quenching systems that use both water and polymer quenching for increased flexibility and allowing all kind of heat treatments such as Normalizing, Quenching & Tempering, Hardening, Solution Annealing, Annealing, Stress relieving and Spherodize Annealing processes which give the forgings the required mechanical properties and microstructural features.

Forgings are produced using the conventional Closed Die Forging ( Hammers 1.5T,2T & 5T) , Open Forging (Hydraulic Press 3500 T & Automated Ring Rolling Mill ( Upto 3500mm Dia) Processes in manufacturing.

A well-equipped machine shop with a wide range of various CNC machines, Vertical and horizontal lathes, milling, boring, deep drilling machines, Turn Mill centers, and multi-axis machining center.

Mechanical, Chemical & Metallographic Tests are carried out as under,
Following NDT tests are carried out by ASNT level II Technicians:

Finished Flanges, Rings and other Forged components are applied with Rust Preventives as required and packed suitably for damage free transit along with necessary packing in Wooden cases or Pallets. Road, Air & Sea Worthy.
Manufacturing Process
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